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Inspiring a generation of purpose minded, tech savvy, entrepreneurial young adults.

Starting in Panevezys in March, 2022.

 About Us


We believe our differences are what make us special.

Our mission is to build an inclusive community that uplifts & empowers; a community that embraces each other’s uniqueness, and encourages each of us to design and build a future with purpose.

Uncommon.lt is a 6 month technology education program that will be launched in Panevėžys in 2022 where young adults from all walks of life will come together to learn, create and inspire.

The Uncommon Approach


Technology Bootcamp

Our program is a 6 month learning experience that covers both tech skills needed in the digitally focused future and soft skills that support young adults to become confident and entrepreneurial.

Future participants will be learning:

  • User Experience, User Interface and Product Design.
  • Front End Web Development and eCommerce basics.
  • Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

When Uncommoners finish this program, they’ll be able to design, build and market their own website or online store. In addition to building their own portfolio, they’ll form teams with classmates to create real solutions for a small business or NGO.

Our Model

Innovation Hubs

When it comes to education, we believe that the environment you’re learning in really matters.

Learning from successful examples of Innovation Hubs by  Uncommon.org in Zimbabwe, we are creating the very first Innovation Hub in Panevezys.

Together with Panevezys Open Youth Center, Panevezys Municipality and other local supporters, we will host the first batch of Uncommon participants in spring of 2022. 

Innovation Hubs are not only a place to focus and learn but also a safe space for building a strong and supportive community.

Kaye Kagaoan

UX Designer

Tawanda Mashavave

Technology Manager

Katey Hopper

Marketing Manager

Uncommon Mentorship

How It Works

Throughout each learning module, participants will be matched with a Mentor who will support them as they navigate our online and in-person assignments. 

Uncommoners will visit companies and hear from guest speakers who are leaders in their fields. 

Additionally, each participant will be matched with a Youth Mentee, who, thanks to our students, will start their own technology journeys!

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Youth Coding

Our goal is to build a community of people who use their skills to benefit both themselves and the world.

In addition to training for the tech workforce, participants in the Uncommon Bootcamp will be matched with a youth Mentee who they’ll be teaching computer coding to.

This responsibility prepares our participants to be leaders when they enter the workforce. 


Development, Done Different

In addition to donations & grants, one way we generate revenue to sustain our nonprofit is through the work we do for clients.

When you hire Uncommon for your Design, Development or Marketing needs, 100% of the profits are used to further our EdTech mission.

Not only will you get a great product, your project means a free technology education for the young adults in our program.


Corporate Social Responsibility

More than anything, we count on the generosity of our donors and corporate sponsors to help us reach our goals and empower young adults to create a better future for themselves.

Special thanks to the companies and foundations who are supporting our launch in Lithuania. Ačiū!

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Panevėžys 2022

The first Uncommon Bootcamp will be launched in Panevėžys in 2022.

Our local partner – Panevėžys Open Youth Center will host the first Innovation Hub in their premises.

Applications to join our Bootcamp will open in January 2022. Please check this website for updates.


Inspiring a generation of purpose minded, tech savvy, entrepreneurial young adults.

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